nothing but arguing and complaining at this site

Earl Wheby Jr - April 23 2010, 3:30 PM

It is interesting to note nothing by complaining about everyone at this site so its no surprise that the people of Haiti are not able to cope with the destruction of the country and over 300,000 who died in vain from earthquake when if Haiti had productive people they would have formed an army and liberated the entire island by now with a loss of far less than the 300,000 who died in vain in earthquake! Because of the nasty comments here mostly from people who are here in U.S. illegally I will let others help Haiti as I prefer to be around positive thinking people instead of all this negative attitudes coming from people at this site. One woman who wrote me nasty comments I could find only a listing on the web for her which went on for pages and pages of "eviction" notices in Miami where Haiti bums were not paying rent and were being kicked out of their housing! Write to Pres. Obama and see if he will take from the American taxpayers to support you and pay your rent in the United States! For me I am writing to the AZ. governmor to not veto anti immigration bill that Obama doesn't like as Obama seems to think foreigners from all over the world have "civil rights" in U.S. but Obama is now very unpopular with the American people and his days in office should end with next election!!!

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