From an Otcast Nation to a Commonwealth of Nations' Membership

Dessalines The Avenger - April 24 2010, 3:24 PM

From An Isolated Outcast Country through A Strong Interdependent State
Let's Analyze Haiti's economic and political situations first and see how we can emerge from this political limbo that we found ourselves in. Anthony P. Maingot in his book entitled The United States and the Caribbean Relations argues this: No matter how hard Haiti may try to solve its economic and political affairs, the whole world will always consider Haiti as an outcast country.

Being an outcast country, Haitians are being considered outcast citizens everywhere.

To justify this racism, the external world used Voodoo horrible practices and violence acts committed by the black masses.

Are all Haitians outcast citizens?

No. The light skin Haitian citizens are not considered as outcasts due to the fact they have fame, glory and money to strengthen their images with the rest of the world.

Outside of the external world, they identify themselves as Dominicans or Arabs and not mulattoes, for the latter is a derogatory word to them meaning mule people that cannot reproduce anymore.

Can a mule reproduce?

No. Am I advocating that mulattoes are mules?

No. I have just explained why it is a derogatory word to them. Who are considered outcast Haitian citizens?

All dark skin Haitians whether they belong to Petite Bourgeoisie or the masses.

Can Haiti solve this political isolation or this limbo?

Should Haitians be aware of this reality and can they solve it?

Can Haiti alone as a black nation be successful?

No. How many black nations on earth are successful without being part of a Commonwealth of Nations?

I know many ignorant of Haiti's political and economic realities will say that Haiti is not to sell and Haiti is sovereign and independent.

Good answers.

However, Puerto Rico is a sovereign and a free state associated with the United States under a constitution in 1952 called "El Estado Libre Associado Con Los Estados Unidos."Is Puerto Rico better than Haiti?

Yes, Puerto Ricans are not eating mud cakes or worms like many poor Haitians in Haiti.

Is Ghana or Jamaica better than Haiti?

Yes. Ghana is a member of the British Commonwealth like Jamaica and both of these two countries are seeking membership to the United States Commonwealth of Nations as well. Should Haiti seek Commonwealth of Nations' membership and remain an independent nation like Ghana and Jamaica.

The answer is yes. Why should we do that?

We should do that to solve this political limbo that we are being left in and black Haitians should not be considered as outcast citizens anymore.

How can we do that?

Haiti should not belong to any Commonwealth of Nations without solving its economic and political problems first.

We should revive the Haitian economy and agriculture first.

It should be our first priority.

It is a shame that after 206 years of being sovereign and independent that we cannot feed 9 millions Haitians.

Where are our agricultural lands?

Haiti is overdue for a strong economic land reform?

Can we do that alone?

The mulattoes and the Arab elites who are owners of most of those agricultural lands will not let any government proceed to any land reform to solve Haiti's poverty problems.

Our poverty does not come from the outside, but from the inside.

It is a poverty well managed by the elites in Haiti and they are the ones that want all Haitians to call for sovereignty and independence to protect their economic interests as well as keeping Haiti as the poorest country around the world.

Our elites love political instability and monopoly in Haiti and they will never let Haiti solve its painful and overdue land reform.

We should pass laws to modernize Voodoo and stop zombification practices and criminal activities there.

We should revive our ecosystem through land vegetation projects to get Haitians more oxygen to breathe in order to increase Haitian life expectancy from 47 for men and 52 for women to 72 or more. We should have political parties' reforms and come up with three strong recognized and official political parties.

We should reform the educational system in creating a strong and true Bilingual Program along with EFL (English as Foreign Language or New Language ENL) and FFL (French Foreign Language)'s programs.

We should downsize all Haiti's public administrations and strengthen the private sectors to create 97% of Haitian jobs. If alone we can implement the above reforms we can now work together with the Dominican Republic to create an Hispaniola Federation State.

As being two strong states within a federation, we can seek any Commonwealth of Nations' membership, for we do not go alone.

Seeking a commonwealth of nations' membership can help us in many areas.

First, it will reduce the cost of our diplomatic missions all throughout the world and we will remain less dependent toward any other countries around the world.

The money that we are paying those employees overseas could help develop Haiti.

For the latter is not producing anything to export besides of human migration, why do we have so many diplomatic missions all throughout the world where we are not producing anything to trade or export?

Ghana and Jamaica to name few have done it through British Embassies all around the world, we can do it too through the United States.

Actually, the Dominican Republic is seeking the United States and the British Commonwealth of Nations' membership and we will be left alone in an interdependent world.

Nowadays, most independent countries are talking of self-governance rights to manage their internal affairs and ask Commonwealth of Nations manage their external affairs for better political and economic prestige all around the world.

I know the Haitian elites love domestic partnership alliances with the United States and the label poorest nation on earth just to outcast its citizens and make them live in abject poverty which help them retain monopoly over the Haitian market.

Is Haiti due for a second revolution to clear this limbo situation, this international conspiracy?

Yes. Who will lose?

You will tell me in your answers.

I have insulted all mulattoes, Arab-Haitians, Haitian Bourgeoisies, Voodoo Followers and Criminal Gangs in Haiti to raise a sort of Haitian Consciousness and at the end I have realized that all Haitians are the same and culprits of Haitian misery and enduring suffering.

Haitians are the ones to solve Haiti's problems and not the international community.

We are an outcast nation colonized by its own elites that are playing the game of an international conspiracy.

The Earthquake of 2010 is a repetition of Vilbrum Guillaume Sam's assassination that brought the United States Occupation to us in 1915 to 1934. Nothing will change.

The elites were disappointed in 1915 -1934 due to the fact they expected the United States to do everything for them in order to continue the old routines of the same, they would be disappointed again as lazy elites which will call later for the International Community to leave Haiti under a sort of Haitian Racial Pride or Black Nationalism.

Are you ready to continue with the same old BS?

Good Luck! For some ignorant that always attack my ideas, I am telling you that I am suggesting ideas and I am not imposing any ideas at all, for Haiti will not be my retiring state.

I can retire myself in 84 countries around the world and Haiti is not one of them. I let you decide yourselves what is good for your own country.

I will come on board if I am called again to help with Haiti's second revolution to bring justice and fairness to the Haitian masses.

I know how to solve Haiti's political mess, but I am not a political candidate and I just brought strong ideas to this site to help solve Haiti's economic and political problems.

Long Life to Haiti! Good Luck!

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