CRO-MAGNON AT WORK -Haiti at its best

Adams Montenegro - April 24 2010, 5:38 PM

Find as many girls as you can find, impregnate them ALL, then deny the less desirables and recognize as yours the ones who may come from more or less a good family.set personal harems throughout your Cartier.

or community.Don't neglect the married women as well as they can carry your kids (gene) and the poor (husbands) saps won't even know about it. while you are dismantling the family is there any kids under 10, male or females that we can uncapped for the first time. Any member of the family, male or female who need a job and don't mind playing around, you know what I mean.Hey your kids have learned the alphabet and learned to count fromn 1 to 10. That is graduation time. take em out of school so they can pleasure us.You know what they say the blacker the plum, the juicier the juice.

I can't wait to jump in.The can pleasure me all day and night long ten - fiften of them at a time.
We will have mais moulu, spinach rice and beans and poissons and legumes - good food- all around the pooal so that they can be happy and countinue servicing us.
You are marginal people, baseless and classless people, no body will take care of you except us.As long as you service our people, will make sure that you eat no more cake muds and worms.

That is a promise.

but in return we need your youngsters to service us and the non-attractives to cultivate our
soil.Everybody will be compasateded.

no body will be left behind.

It is a sweet deal for everyone intended.You will not be marginalized no more as you will be part of our economic system.

The Haitian Mulattoes are easy going people, we can make a deal with them, as smart as they are they will understand and conquer.

We then will be the new master of the dark skin Haitians.

We will have zero tolerance for violence.

If violence to occur, we will lunch them at public places and then burn them semi alive.

Violence will not be TOLERATED as it represent those Neanderthals.

We want them to become civilized as we will hold civilization studies throughout where they are dispersed to. To the Mulato community: You have been brave, let us take this very burdeon from you as you have been the crucifix of this dammed nation.

Later you and I can make a deal as to the management of this hoards.

as to how to manage this unruly crowd for the benefit of us all.

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Your Maitre-que says...

This message was enacted from soimeone with an IQ lower than amoeba more »

Adams Montenegro says...

That is exactly think I am right. I throough all that information, and you can say is that my I.Q. is defective 20% Oh... more »

Dr. Feel Bad says...

1-That is exactly think I am right. 2-I throough all that information, and you can say is that my I.Q. is defective... more »

Adams Montenegro says...

You must be the slowest of the cro-magnons. The intent on this blog is to put under your noses over past deeds. It is... more »

Dr. Feel Bad says...

You must be the slowest of the Cro-Magnons. The intent on this blog is to put under your noses over past deeds. It is... more »

Adams Montenegro says...

Rare, but there still exists some thinking people on this site. Dr. Feel Bad had some very good points from his answer... more »

Carlos says...

You exhibit all those differences into your postings as a typical Haitian whatever your skin color may be. The problem... more »