I believe that an Enhanced Commonwealth with Self-Governance...

Carline - May 1 2010, 11:05 PM

I believe that an Enhanced Commonwealth with Self-Governance Rights can stop corruption in Haiti where all Haitians would be proud to be Haitians.

This solution will eradicate the poverty pimp managers as you claim it. We will have good executive people to take care of Haitian businesses and bring justice as well as fairness to the Haitian people.

Since you do not voice the killing of mulattoes, Arab-Haitians and the rich, as a mulatto woman myself I would call for the commonwealth option to clear this political mess that the state of Haiti has found itself in for 206 years.

Haitians cannot be proud of Haiti when 97% of them are fighting for their own survival.

The Haitian Status Quo with the American Protectorate Rights sucks and we must change it like the Puerto Rican did it in 1952. Current Haiti looks like Puerto Rico in 1898 before the United States Invasion of Puerto-Rico.

We need to end the American Protectorate of 1915 by an Enhanced Commonwealth with self-governance to end corruption in Haiti.

That's my idea and I do not impose it on anyone...



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