Where is the international aid funds?

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You may just get your wish pretty soon.
According to "Haitian-Truth.org", The international community has handed to President Rene Preval the FULL control of ALL funding to Mr. Preval.

He, and Prime Minister Bellerive can now use the billions in relief funds as they see fit.
Good luck with this one.

Bernadette S, May 3 2010, 11:34 PM

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I hear your frustration.Keep in mind this site may not be a good vehicle to express truth. Brian read more >
Brian, 4-May-10 10:02 am
He has the reputation of being a honest person which I do not deny it. Is he a good micro-manager? I do not think so... read more >
Dessalines The Tiger, 4-May-10 4:24 pm
Frustration is white and biracial word to cover up the mistreatments of others and I already depict your ethnic group... read more >
Dessalines The Tiger, 4-May-10 4:47 pm
Guys move along. Nothing serious will be happening to Haiti. Nobody takes Haiti seriously. Externally and internally... read more >
Robert Sima, 4-May-10 5:46 pm
Rene Preval's effort to destroy the 1987's constitution. Preval consistently ignores the will of the Haitian majority... read more >
Brian, 4-May-10 7:27 pm
Speaking of bribes, have you heard of the churches who put together a fund of $35,000 and custom house wanted $15,000... read more >
Adams Montenegro, 4-May-10 7:53 pm
Adams, find something else to do. Nothing will change in Haiti. It is just about spittballing, illegal money exchange... read more >
Daniel St. Louis, 4-May-10 8:23 pm
Just show me the money and I will back out. This money should be taking to a safe haven to serve the Haitian majority... read more >
Dieufaite St. Fleur, 4-May-10 8:32 pm
Bernadette, I know you. We have talked before. This is NOT your game.You are a descent person. This game is really... read more >
Daniel Bourgherra, 4-May-10 8:48 pm
The constitution is in Prevel's hand. He thinks he has it all for himself. Unless the Haitian people stand united and... read more >
Mena Moreau, 4-May-10 9:28 pm
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