He has the reputation of being a honest person which I do not...

Dessalines The Tiger - May 4 2010, 4:24 PM

He has the reputation of being a honest person which I do not deny it. Is he a good micro-manager?

I do not think so. A lot of funds disappeared into the system under the Preval's government.

The International Community under the United States leadership is dancing with Haiti's political actors where they all know Haitians are not serious.

They know that Haiti's political actors never have good management clearance with allocated funds to solve their economic problems.

Nou mele. We are in a political mess and our Executive leadership is the United States, that is what Protectorate means.

Our Forefathers fought worthlessly to liberate this country.

Haitian political actors do what Washington tell them to do. Haiti is an outcast country and it will never change.

I will die and I will never see change in Haiti.

Some other pessimistic Haitian people in Canada believe that a Tsunami will bring the change that many are hoping for. It is sad to hear that, but nothing will change.

For the international funds, you must wait and see what will happen...


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