Frustration is white and biracial word to cover up the...

Dessalines The Tiger - May 4 2010, 4:47 PM

Frustration is white and biracial word to cover up the mistreatments of others and I already depict your ethnic group through your writings.

Well to do children will never understand the pain and discrimination as endorsed by any marginalized people.

My friend, a day will come and you will not know which word to use in the place of frustration.

Dessalines would never accept the French massacre in Haiti if the mulatto leaders did not force him to do that. Trujillo had done the same thing to please the 5% of Whites of Saint-Domingue in the Haitian massacre at the eastern border of Hispaniola.

Dessalines and Trujillo received all the blame for being more royalists than the king. My friend, the frustration day will come and no one can prevent it from happening.

Abraham ap resi di ase. enough is enough ok.

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