National Referendum To Free Haiti From Protectorate

Dessalines The Tiger - May 6 2010, 1:09 AM

Haiti Was Independent from 1804 To 1915
Haiti should clear its political mess before solving any socioeconomic problems.

Haiti should end the American Protectorate over Haiti through a National Referendum.

For an independent country, the Haitian president should be the executive leader in Haiti and the American president.

Haiti should have the right to exploit its oil and develop its economy and Haiti does not need the permission of any U.S. leader to do that. Haiti should stop receiving funds from the United States to pay its employees.

Haiti should create a taxation system to generate revenues to finance its economic projects as well as paying its employees.

Haiti should downsize its administration to 3% and provide subsidies to private contractors to create jobs for 97% of Haitians.

Haiti should downsize its diplomatic relationships with other nations for Haiti does not produce anything to stand on an equal footing with other nations.

The Haitian elites can develop Haiti, but the American Protectorate should end. The United States should stop interfering in Haiti's politics.

The end of the Protectorate will make Haiti become an independent country again...

If Haiti wants to be a Free Associated with the United States, Haiti should create its own commonwealth with Tortuga Island, Gonave Island, Iles a Vaches and Navasa to enter either the United States or British Commonwealth.

Haiti will never solve its problems without ending the Protectorate.

Puerto Rico was under the American Protectorate since 1898 to 1952 before it created its own commonwealth.

The American Protectorate is one of the problems that discourage our elites to invest in Haiti and as a result we have a Coco Rat Elite or Elite in transit in Haiti...

The Haitian Congress should take note and call for a National Referendum through the United Nations to free Haiti from the United States Protectorate.

The United States is responsible for our economic misery and we should all understand that. Haiti deserves a chance to be free from this protectorate to see our elites can help Haiti develop.

On the contrary, we would associate it later with either U.S or United Kingdom, the most advanced commonwealth countries around the world.

Do not be morons, Haiti needs to be free. We are the only state in the Caribbean Region to be under the American Protectorate.

This makes Haiti becomes a weak state that will be always dependent of advanced foreign nations.

We owe now less debt, and it is the right time to do so. Stop arguing about Preval's funds management.

We need to call for only three political parties in Haiti to solve Haiti's economic and social problems.

We need a Commonwealth Party, an Independence Party and Statehood Party or a Labour Party in Haiti.

We need to build strong democratic institutions to back up our political establishment in Haiti.

Ayisyen sispan ranse e panse byen pou nou ka devlope peyi Dayiti san sa nou pa janmen regle anyen.

Chofe Taxi, Chofe Kamyon e moun kap lave bouda ti gran moun nan lakou New York bezwen retounen pou yo ka envesti an Ayiti.

Kidonk se pou nou libere yo nan esklavaj nan lakou Etazini paske job sila se second class citizen job ke yo nan peyi etranje.

Fok nou libere esklav sila yo. Gade ki jan yap itilize betiz sal pou yo joure yon prezidan.

Nou we ke yo pa gen ide e nou menn ki konnen li ak ekri pa montre ke nou pi bon pase yo. Map kite blog sila paske mwen jwen lot blog poum fe politik.

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