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So-Called Haitian Intellectuals Are The Most Ignorant In Haiti's History
The messages posted on this blog really show how ignorant and stupid so-called Haitian intellectuals are. For instance, some are calling for a forced departure of Preval whereas others are fighting for money over Preval's presidency.

I have realized that Haitians like corruption, clientelism, dependency on foreign assistance, politics of exclusion, gossip, crimes, political instability, incompetency or mediocrity and prostitution to name a few. With all those weaknesses, one can easily argue that so-called Haitian intellectuals are bastards, ignorant and sub-humans by nature.

The real problems of Haiti are:
1. Ending the Haitian Protectorate to give political rights to economic and political actors of Haiti.

2. Solving the political parties' mess with the creation of three strong political parties financed by taxpayers and the state of Haiti.

3. Creating a true Taxation system to end Haiti's dependency toward any foreign country.

4. Downsizing to 3% the Haitian Administration in Haiti and overseas
5. Creating dual citizenship for Haitian born from Haitian parents and not for foreigners to own land in Haiti.

This dual citizenship should be automatic for all Haitian born from Haitian parents and it should not allow foreigners to add it to their citizenships to purchase land in Haiti.

If they want to become Haitian citizens, they should renounce to their previous citizenship status and ask their countries to create their own dual citizenship version.

6. Providing subsidies to private contractors to create jobs for the qualified and the unqualified Haitians in Haiti.

7. Allowing Haitians overseas to use the Haitian Public Commercial Banks to wire money to their loved ones with no fees in Haiti.

8. Reforming the educational system so it can be on an equal footing with all international schools.

9. Providing criteria skills to be qualified for president job and other executive functions in Haiti.

10. Calling for a National Referendum to redefine Haiti's political status, for Haiti is not an independent country anymore since 1915 and it is the last country in the region that is under the United States Protectorate.

The latter means that the Haitian president is the second executive leader after the American president to negotiate international contracts for Haiti.

The latter should have the rights to create its own Commonwealth system and associate it to whatever other commonwealth system that may please it.
NB. I just provided a few hot issues among the many critical problems that we are dealing with in Haiti, and I believe that it is time for all of you to think analytically and critically as well. Try to have a constructive dialog in attacking real issues that Haiti is dealing with to solve the current political mess that we are facing in order to help those unfortunate Haitians in Haiti.

Some are advocating that I am not Haitian and they are right, for to be Haitian means to act as a subhuman person, beggar, corrupt, liar, divider, and a criminal person to name a few. I cannot be this type of Haitian.

I have 84 countries under my list to retire and Haiti is not one of them. I am not a desperate person seeking a country to retire.

My mind is already made up and I know where to go spend my retirement money so do not worry about me. Haiti will never change if you do not think to solve the above problems.

I hope that you do understand it. We are all responsible one way or another for Haiti's mess to repeat Valery St-Louis.

Dessalines The Tiger, May 6 2010, 1:46 PM

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