Preval should be able to stay at least for two more terms...

Samuel Monplaisir - May 6 2010, 7:31 PM

Preval should be able to stay at least for two more terms because he is a good president.

He did not execute people like the Duvaliers.

He did nor rock the boat like Aristide so we are in good grace with uncle Sam. He did not steal the Haitian public fund. So far so good. He has clean hands.

What was the last time the Haitians had a president like Preval?

None of you could answer this question honestly and without bias. Why you want to put another person in the national palace that will be a lemon and a negative surprise for the country.

Think several times before you jump. I hope that you will not be sorry after Preval departure.

Most of the people that are line up for the presidential chair are a bunch of"Ti Grangou" they want to enrich themselves, their family, friends and their entourage from the earthquake monies.

They are all poor now by 2016 they will be billionaires.

mark my word

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Samuel Monplaisir, Don't you think you should give...


A Referendum to keep Preval for the next ten years.

I am urging all the Haitian patriots to ask for a referendum that will allow Preval to stay in power for the next 10...

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Why would you want to keep Preval for the next ten...

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