AntonioJ, Antonio J, Antonio, J. if you had one onze of Pres...

Brainless Antonioj - May 7 2010, 1:50 PM


Antonio J, Antonio, J. if you had one onze of Pres. Rene Preval's brain you would no longer live in the squalor that you presently find yourself.

AntonioJ, if you observed the bravura performance that the great president gave yesterday you would surely take back your impertinent words.

In the course of about 30 minutes, The great Rene Garcia Preval ambarassed all the press barons that randered caused Aristide so much heartaches.

Such was the performamce that "Le Nouvelliste" quoted a journalist who attended the press conference by stating that "many star journalist will find it hard to sleep tonight".

The great man showed the press how lacking it is in doing its job in a professional way, lack of forsight, and professional ethics.

As far as CEP is concerned, Pres. Preval showed with great aplomb how every CEP before the present one had conflicts, yet were (in the end) able to do its job in an adequate manner.

As far as prolonging his term in office, Pres. Preval showed that it fell within the constitutional order in that he is not prolonging his electeral mandate of 5 years.

In fact, he is saving the nation from impending chaos by having another Boniface/"gwo Jera" transitional government, etc. etc. etc.

All in all, a bravura performance a la Laurence Olivier acting a Shakespearian play.

I said it before and I am going to say it again, Rene Garcia Preval is the greatest president that Haiti has produced in the past 100 years.

Viv Inite, Viv Preval, Viv Bellerive.

Aba tout pati politic dans grien, bouda kreve, radio station voye monte, animateur/presentateur dyol bokye.

Aba tout blogger welfarist, food stamps collectors, project dwellers (I'm talking to you, Tiba).

Alo nou tout lanmed.


Leave leave PreVal

I always knew that useless Monkey is incompetent, now let's ad stupid to the list. Brainless Preval want to be dictator.

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