You have no shame for yourself and you have written nothing...

Sabine - May 7 2010, 1:50 PM

You have no shame for yourself and you have written nothing serious on this blog. You cannot even discuss a single concept in Haitian politics.

This shows that you stupid well-to-do Haitian children have nothing to do with Haitian's suffering in Haiti.

Dessalines The Avenger is a well educated person and not a tricky person like you. In his writings one can see the knowledge and the intellect.

He knows very well Haitian's problems and he has provided many economic and political solutions to free your oucast country from the American Protectorate.

You should be ashamed of yourself for attacking the integrity of a person who knows how to solve all Haiti's problems.

You will go down yourself in the garbage of history and he has a good reason for leaving this blog for an idiot like you. You are a stupid and an ignorant as well.

Last conversation and I commend you not to reply.

I will completely ignore, for you will be considered as a dog if you reply to this posting.


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