Forget it, come back on the site will you brother? You should...

Bernadette S - May 7 2010, 5:37 PM

Forget it, come back on the site will you brother?

You should leave when and only when YOU have decided to. Do not let anyone push your back. I believe Haitian people can benefit from your input.

You have very good ideas.

although, I am not always in agreement with them. For instance, your idea of sprucing up Haitian public schools to resemble industrialized ones. I believe we should fight our own battle on this one because the developed nations too are failing their public school students.The partial rational explains this failure on capitalism, immigration and technology.

1.Capitalism because the bottom line is always the bigger profit margin.

Government will opt for the cheapest they can get away with
2.Immigration, It is a lot easier to import educated minds than to produce them. India and China are the usual basics where America and others have been piggy-backing on educated and talented minds mainly in subjects like math, computer science, Medicine.

3.Technology, again it is a lot easier to outsource your competition by using services overseas through technology where it is always cheaper.

We have to work to establish our own education system not only to serve the country but also to take advantage of the global markets.

You know the saying:"Think globally but act locally" Since 1915 U.S have tried to help us with a system to dissimulate education in Haiti's public schools but insofar none worked to a satisfactory level.

Your other ideas are good but pertinent infrastructures are need in other to implement them.
Again, I do hope you stay on the blog. But if you truly insist on leaving, send us an e-post-card every now and then.
Bernadette S.


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