Bernadette, I cannot come back. You and I were debating real...

Dessalines The Avenger - May 7 2010, 7:43 PM

Bernadette, I cannot come back. You and I were debating real issues on this blog and I truly loved your input.

You and I disagreed at all times without being disagreable people.

You and I debated sensitive issues about Haiti, but some people really pissed me off and I did not really know what kind on job they were doing on this blog. To tell you the truth, they like to lie and they enjoy the way those Haitian political actors are managing Haiti.

It is sad hein!Haitians have no respect for other Haitians.

Bernadette, I had learned a lot from your input about Duvalier and I had researched about him too and you had changed my views in many ways.

My role was to attack all Duvalier, Aristide, Preval, Elites and so on just to teach them humanity and accountability.

I am not attached to any politicians and elite members in Haiti and I am not defending any of them rather I criticize them on a daily basis.

Bernadette, Haiti will never change, for many and not all eduucated Haitians are bad. The true Haitians are the peasants and I truly love them. I will be monitoring this blog and I will not participate in the debate anymore.

Thanks to you, I have learned about the crimes that Duvalier Sr had committed in Haiti.

I always believed that Duvalier was the one that brought sanity and decency to the black Haitian masses, but your input instructed and enlightened me otherwise.

He was a political monster as a mulatto-eater person.

You have changed my views in many ways and it was good to debate with you.

As I told you, I would not join the debate anymore.

Continue with the debate and may be one day you will hear from me. Think about the American Protectorate and how to end it too. You already know all the reforms that need to be done in Haiti too so Good Luck with those bloggers.

I cannot come back and I am sorry.

May God Protect you and save you among those patriarchal bloggers! Good Luck!

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Forget it, come back on the site will you brother...


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