Dessalines The Tiger, First and foremost, let it be known that...

Tiba - May 7 2010, 8:19 PM

Dessalines The Tiger,

First and foremost, let it be known that my stomach is so full that I can barely sit straight in the chair to type this crapy response to your post.

Well, Dessalines The Tiger, I'll give you that, you have tried your best to propose some solutions to the problem of Haiti Thomas, but you have failed short on your propositions.

Many of your poprosed solutions don't really make much sense and you are also in contradictory with your own self as well.

Also, who do you think is more qualified to make these changes you mentioned?

You also sound like a hardcore confused conservative republican.

You are calling to get Haiti off American protoctorate but you at the same time you are calling for "commonwealth." Do you really understand what a commonwealth is?

You are calling for a civil and intelligent debate on your solution proposals, and yet, you sartted by insulting all Haitians who called for Preval departure.

In addition, understand that "taxes" is one problem and not "The" problem of Haiti.

You are calling for inclusivity and exclusivity at the same time. Refusing foreigners to buy/own land/real estate in Haiti is one reason for underdevelopment of Haiti.

Haiti is the only country on the planet with such retarded law.

Dessalines The Tiger understand one true reality, no country can fully develop by being exclusive.

I would be my life on it that the reconstruction of P-A-P would have been in full gear a longtime ago if they were foreigners owning land/real estate in Haiti.

Haiti needs to stop living in the premitive and the dark age eras and become civilized by welcoming and accepting everybody who wants to be part of the Haitian society.


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