Hello Bernadette, Do you see why our country is where it is...

Ayisyenpatriyot - May 9 2010, 2:56 PM

Hello Bernadette,
Do you see why our country is where it is now: everything is reduced to one thing: SEX.
The main reason why the guys want power so much, which ultimately brings ill-gotten money, is to be able to lift any skirt they may be interested in. I read the message sent to you by that orange bell's dude, and that is sad to see such low blows from a brother to a sister on a the world wide web.
That's why when some crazy dudes reply to my posts with insults or some retarded ideological crap that has nothing to do with the actual catastrophe, like the one talking about independence and Dessalines and the A...

elite, I don't even answer.

Why wasting time with "ces cas perdus"
I used to blog on this site more than 5 years ago during the last presidential elections in Haiti, there were consequent people blogging.

We would disagree but we still had fun.
Now, these bloggers are all about being vulgar and living in the past century.

That's why I am not going to waste my time reading or posting anything on this site. I am just going to do what I said I will do: go back and help in the reconstruction, and by the same token, make some legitimate money to put more and more people to work.
The main problem is EDUCATION.

So many uneducated people in and from our country make the task much more complicated than it should.

What should take one hour to solve in a civilized corporate setup is still being debated after a year in a Haitian family.

It is really upsetting and discouraging but these are our people, we can but paraphrase the wise man: "Seigneur, pardonne-leur car ils ne savent pas ce qu'ils font"
!Adios a todos! Fue un placer leer sus "bla-bla-bla"
Bernadette, I don't know whom you are but by your writing, I can tell you are a pretty well-prepared lady. All I can say is: "Don't worry, be happy you are above that "labou kwa bosal" mindset.

Just ignore them or this site altogether for that matter.

Just as I am doing from this minute...

!Adios a todos! !Suerte Bernadette!

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