We do not need to develop any parts of Haiti for exotic...

Jean-bas - May 10 2010, 5:18 PM

We do not need to develop any parts of Haiti for exotic tourism ok Antonio.

All Haiti's parts should be developed to help Haitians first and not tourists.

Do you have a good project for others to invest instead of tourism?

Tourism will bring more diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Ghonorea, Herpes, syphilis,leprosy to name a few, prostitution, drugs, corruption, gays and lesbians, intersexes, transgenders from the white world.

We do not have good qualified doctors in Haiti to deal with those socioeconomic ills; therefore, you should stop arguing about this project.

You will love to see gays and lesbians lying in our beaches in Tortuga Island just to reap a few bucks, but wea re not for that. Why don't you ask them to come up with agricultural, educational and social projects instead?

Beware, Haiti's parts are not to sell?

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