Nobody called her that word. You are the first one that used...

Lalane - May 10 2010, 6:49 PM

Nobody called her that word. You are the first one that used this word about her, shame on you.I stand by my writing.

She misread my initial blog and draw her whimsical conclusion about it.Is it a way to convince herself that she is still young?

I cannot answer this puzzling enigma.

I cannot be responsible for her apparent reading problem.

If she really has a reading problem, she should go to night school to improve her reading skills.The welfare will pay for it.
I am glad you recognize that she has a classic beauty.

Check your dictionary about the word classic.

In that respect we are in agreement.

I am looking for novelties not classic beauty.

After 35 years old they are no longer novelties because they become classic.

I am not interested in any women that is over 34 years and 364 days. You could have them for yourself.

If you want to meet more of those geriatric in denial women, go to Florida.

If you have news regarding well educated women science majors, between the ages of 25 to 34, give me a buzz at 212-689-6337 ask for Jolibois Hollywood from Monday to Thursday between 10 Am to 5 PM otherwise leave me alone.

I am not interested in this 60 y/o witch or in your drivels.

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Bernadette is nothing like your mother. She can't be...


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