To:Brian: "Where is Dr. Feel Bad? You truly have a problem...

Lalane - May 10 2010, 11:11 PM


"Where is Dr. Feel Bad?

You truly have a problem with women.

From your writing, you sound like an uneducated bum. I have read your original message to Bernadette.

Yes, You did infer to something quite similar.

You don't even understand the word "classic".

Night school should be part of your plan instead of chasing women.

Deflate your ego a little a bit. I think you had sex with your mother.

This is why you hate women so much. Dr. Feel Bad, Help."

First, and foremost only a nut like you will consult with another nut like doctor feel bad. Both of you should have been in a psychiatric ward.

Second, it appears that you and BS have serious reading problem.

I am reiterating that both of you should be enrolled in a literacy program.That is why you fail to understand the word classic when it is used to means archaic or old. You missed the point because of your low level of literacy.

Go back to school.

Third, It appears that incest runs in the maternal side of your family.

I strongly suggest that you should consult a competent psychiatrist not doctor feel bad because he is a fake psychiatrist and probably more crazy than you.

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Where is Dr. Feel Bad? You truly have a problem with...


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