Kiki, There is an old Haitian saying that goes like this...

Tiba - May 11 2010, 3:04 PM


There is an old Haitian saying that goes like this "Haitiens sont des roseaux.

Ils se penchent/se courbent mais ils ne briseront pas." You can insult Haitian people all you want to but that will not keep them down.

English is not Rev. Dr. Rivel's primary language, and therefore, may not be able to present his argument as eloquently as you may have, but the educated Haitians who know about Haiti/Haitians history know and understand perfectly what he is saying.

The white man is so freaken afraid and paranoid of Haitian's capability, courage, and resiliency, they are trying their best to stop Haitians from ever progressing.

Kiki, I understand the ignorance of your paranoia, unfortunately, you never learned history otherwise you would have known that Haitians were the ones who brought you "civilization." The Haitians were the ones who taught the white man how to be civil.

The Haitians were the ones who brought freedom to all people throughout the world.

You and your ancestors were a bunch of criminals, ignorant, thieves running over the world causing chaos, grief, and pain to all until the Haitians looked them straight in the eye and told them "enough is enough, no more slavery, no more colonialism, etc. etc."

The white man cannot accept the fact that Haitians were the ones to accomplish all of that when it should have been them to dictate the world how to behave in a civil manner.

Yes, like Rev. Dr. Rivel was trying to say, it is time that the rest of the world, especially the United States, recognize what Haitians had done for them. This is not an illusion if you really understand the definiton of the word. This is the fact.

Haitians have plenty to be proud of for they are pioneer of civilization.

You don't have to like Haitians but you need to know the role Haitians have played in history, and to do that you need to spend more time in school.

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