Neg lakay says: Salop Lalane, ou pa doue joue ak bagay serie...

Lalane - May 11 2010, 6:52 PM

Neg lakay says:
Salop Lalane,
ou pa doue joue ak bagay serie non. cesa.

mrin kompren ke papa ou tap koupe bounda ou depi ke ou te gen 2 an - depi ou guin 13 an ou ap koupe mamman ou juska jounin jodi a. Ou essaye fre grilfriend mrin an se la ke ou fe ere an.
Tout bagay ap deyo e nap oue ki es ki en to.
Bagay ke ou ap repete yo se bagay moun fou. mrin kapab prouve tout moun kote ke mrin ap travay et combien lagen ke mrin fe. mrin deja di ou ke ou pa gen bon parol ou se moun fou et map prouve li. jis tan mrin. Girlfriend mrin pa tap jam sevi avek ou tioul san bounda san lespri masisi tan kou ou. mrin fini pale ak ou kouniea mrin pral pase a laction tande pad ke mrin pa te pale ou

=>Reply to neg lakay,
Your girl friend is in my house one and half hour earlier than I anticipated.

She is begging me to stay with me. She said you turned off physically and mentally.

I might oblige to accept her. Tomorrow morning at 4:00 A.M.,I will send 6 guys to pick up her clothes and her kids. That will save you some embarrassment with your neighbor since they will come early.

Don't act stupid when they show up to the door.They are ex Marines.

So take it easy or they will eject you from the house.

They guys will give you the post office money and the welfare application.

You will not hear from me after this message.You are no longer in the picture, the game is over.Your next step is to go to Welfare Office.

Good bye worthless bum.

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Salop Lalane, ou pa doue joue ak bagay serie non...


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