Charles C Ihejirika, Do you now agree with me about everything...

Tiba - May 14 2010, 8:12 AM

Charles C Ihejirika,

Do you now agree with me about everything that I said before regarding the Haitian government?

How could that be possible for an embassy not having direct phone line to the president?

Only in Haiti you would hear sucha shameful thing.

They are telling you basically to bozz off with your aid proposal.

I know you mean well, but you're wasting your precious time trying to help a bunch of morons who don't care about their people, and their country.

If you'd call the Haitian embassy back and tell them that you can help them get a few millions of dollars for a project in Haiti, I bet they would give you Preval's direct telephone line before you even finish the sentence.


Because these people are only interested in "cash money" to steal while oil is not. They're looking for hard cold cash to fill up their pockets fast.

Remember what I told you. You are wasting your time!

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