Hey Charles, This issue definitely need to be explored a bit...

Bernadette S - May 14 2010, 5:03 PM

Hey Charles,

This issue definitely need to be explored a bit further.

In lieu of direct contact, I found the following:

1. Nigeria Embassy in the United States in Washington D.C.
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the United States
3519 International Ct. N.W.
Washington D.C. 20008
Phone: 1-202-986-8400
Fax: 1-202-775-1385 4627124
Web Site nigerianembassyusa.org
Email: info at nigerianembassyusa.org

2.Embassy of the United States of America
Plot 1075 Diplomatic Drive
Central District area Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: 234-9-461-4000
Fax: 234-9-461-4171
email: consulararabuja at statge.org

3. Whitney M. Young Information Center
2 Walter Carrington Crescent
Victoria Island, Nigeria
Phone: 234-703-150-2444
fax. 234-1-263-5397
email:willagos at state.gov
For Haiti:

1. Haiti Consulate in NYC
Consulate of Haiti in New york, U.S.A.
271-Madison Ave.
5th Floor
New York, New York 10016
Phone: 212-697-9767
Fax: 212-681-6991
Web Sine: haitianconsulate - nyc.org/
email: contact at haitianconsulate - nyc.org.

2. Haitian Embassy in Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C 20008
Phone 202-332-4090
fax: 202-745-7215
email: embassy at haiti.org.
The above is raw data. I did not test drive it. however I did talk to both the Haitian consulate in New York City and Haitian Embassy in Washington.

They both reassured me that if such information reached them, they will make sure to forward it to President Preval.

I would suggest that the letter is written directly to him and care of these addresses.

There is no need to write many letters.

I would suggest ONE LETTER and copy sent to the others.

Witney M. Young, since it is an information center and is situated in Nigeria may be able to provide more information and help on this subject.

No I am working in the private sector.

I would not work for a government, any government - that is.

I feel like this is an imposition on your time and your pocket.

If you do the legwork on the Nigerian side, let me know. I will make sure that the appropriate parties on the Haitian side get this letter.

All the bests,

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