Parliaments Special Interest at Its Worst by Montresor 2011

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Dear Fellow Patriots and Friends,

I (Montresor) call on Parliament officers, government officials and international communities' solidarity to stand for reversal actions against Preval's extension in office before the November elections.

Parliament operates by making self destructive decisions to suit corruption in which it will move Haiti backwards and cause more damages to Haiti's stability to live by constitutional law. It is unethical for them to violate the laws when they are the law.

The validity of parliament's demonic decisions to extend President Preval's stay in office until May 14, 2011 is totally illegal, and arguable by the constitution unless Parliament has prior evidence of Preval diligently seeking or proposed documentation of actions by his administration to mend the concurrent time table of his term beginning four (4) years ago.

For the moment I would like to remind the oppressors not to confuse Haiti's interest with Preval's interest per say "special interest" because Haiti's interest is first and foremost above all. The population has been on high alert concerning their future therefore no one will be able to continually rob them blind folded anymore as before.

Preval and parliament's interests are their pocket able gains with special interest cahoots meaning that both have the same standards of belief as to Haitians' regressing future.

Evidently supporting Preval's government is based on personal gains of interests and not Haiti's well being to flourish as a nation for which all Haitians have the same beneficial rights and privileges' under the constitution.

Preval gave his words during a press conference in Haiti on April 12, 2010 that he will not seek to stay in power and assured the nation that he will step down on February 7, 2011. Then he come back later flip flopping by saying that he will stay three (3) more months with a lame excuse saying that, "Haiti needs stability."

My questions are what stability is he talking about or referring of and why hasn't he thought of that prior to the end of time?

If Parliament had properly processed the President's request with intelligence then Preval would of never got an extended three (3) months in office without proof because he failed to address the constitution's conflicting time table prior to swearing in office in 2006; and Parliament should have used Mr. Preval's televised press conference as part of the deciding factors, consensual public accountability behavior, and/or under Presidential oath guiding statements to the nation.

I therefore declare Parliament as a failed and corrupted institution with no legitimate visionary agendas to protect and defend the nation's interests of which we Haitians should question Parliament official's mental competency to guide us with sound endowment energies to replenish our country.

Therefore the ground basis for my call on Parliament is to elaborate on their success to disguise the President chaotic potency of continuance in office.

It is imperative and relevant with reversal merit that this shouldn't be ignored in the process to revoke the three (3) months extensions received.

God Bless!

Happy Flag Day May 18, 2010

Sincerely yours,

Michael M. Delasse

Haiti's next President in 2011
Montresor2011 at

Montresor2011, May 16 2010, 2:44 PM

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Monique V, 20-May-10 4:38 pm
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Linda, 20-May-10 5:38 pm
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