Sir Let me ask you, why do you think you need to be president...

Antonioj - May 16 2010, 5:04 PM

Sir Let me ask you, why do you think you need to be president in order to help the Haitian people, when I dig into your posting I can not help but to strip away your thick layers of pompousness, pedanticism, and expose you as an opportunist heavy on ad hominems, opinionated assumptions.

There is no doubt Preval is an idiot an impotent leader with no vision, no dream, unable to motivate his nation and a failed legacy, however you should realize that your idealism is misguided (l'union fait la force)

Let's unite under one banner to provide the justices that the Haitian people are longing for:

We should not rest until criminal like Preval, Aristide, Jean Claude, Namphy,
Prosper, are brought to justice.

Preval, is a shenanigan should therefore bare most of the blame, he has been at the helm or on the shadow of power for the last 20 years with nothing to show, this clown have the audacity to extend his term after having violated the constitution several times, that is on top of all the illicit under taking that he's involved.


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Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! you are my hero, God bless you...

Antonioj you’re absolutely right...

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