Why are you so furious, biter, and anger about the Rev.? He...

Jc - May 17 2010, 1:34 PM

Why are you so furious, biter, and anger about the Rev.?

He does not say anything to cause you to be so enraged, telling your president is well by- passed him. What is that meant for your proud of nothing because he is president and you may be one his friends?

That is discusting to the world, to see that is the only thing you have to say against some one who just says what is needed to be said! May be you and the Rev. are not aware of that but others do. President Preval was a taxi carb Driver in New York and a Waiter in a restaurant while never been a Rev. So You are wrong to say your nastiness against the Rev. Do you remember what was the question the journalist aked him( President Preval during his first inaugaraion, were you a taxi driver in New-York?

He replied," But I am President of my country." For all your folks out there, stop that rethoric.

Your people are dying and make $ 1 US a day, and you talking about give this guy job, bunch hypocrite.

Keep talking before the time expired for you and your president.

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