The world feels bad for a poor soul like you. You talked about...

Jc - May 18 2010, 11:32 AM

The world feels bad for a poor soul like you. You talked about a job for the Rev. Now, you did not know about the President past-job. Only in a third world country people have time to fight over education and non sense president with IQ who does not do a dam good or not even know how to use the IQ to serve their People.

You are talking about imperialists they give you job and care for you and help your country.

What your presidents both have done for their country except using good word for nothing to deceive the people.

It is never too late to extradite your president to face justice for crimes against his people and corruption.

He was an Ex- Priest using the pulpit to arming little children, arming gangs, formed armies in Raboteau/ Gonaives, City Soleil, Solino, Belair, and in all corners of Haiti killed little children just to keep his power.

Was He the one who insulted Preval' sister and you are trying to put both in the same boat?

Why don't you get something better to do other than to target the Rev. Aristide was a Priest and set the first bad example.

Finally, if you have a job, wicked soul help your people give them job don't worry about the Rev. Is that the only things you are good in talking about money, false education, and ugly IQ. That is why your country is that level, I have Haitian friends in college, University very smart brain, but people like you who destroy the country who don't even feel ashame talking about the pride of these former presidents that should be behind bars; are the same that keep rolling back the clock.Why don't tell the world about your anger, animosity, and hate against this man?

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