Antonioj you're absolutely right, "Sir."(Montresor) doesn't...

Montresor 2011 - May 18 2010, 12:42 PM

Antonioj you're absolutely right,

"Sir."(Montresor) doesn't have to be Haiti's President in just labeling title as Preval and the previous ones you've mentioned in order to help, educate, defends the Haitian people because our nation of Haiti is in great need of a "take charge" Commander in-Chief with such Caliber Signature presented by Montresor's excellent work ethic.

Perhaps you Haitians will assure my worthiness of your support, prayers, and votes.

I Montresor am proud to be part of Haitians Flag circle, this 18 Mai 2010 and for such a historic time of Haiti's "L' Union Fait La Force."

God Bless!

Haiti One Nation, Under God in 2011

Happy Flag Day everyone from my family to yours!!!

Montresor Haiti's next President.

Montresor2011 at

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