Hi Benardette, Thanks for your offer to assist. I did call the...

Charles C Ihejirika - May 19 2010, 5:57 AM

Hi Benardette,

Thanks for your offer to assist.

I did call the NNPC people to get further information, but I was told that I could only be given limited information on such Bilateral Agreements between Nigeria and other Countries as an individual since I do not have the authority of a country.

I would not need any finances from you since there are no documents to copy and send.
If I may suggest, you can try to reach out to the appropriate authorities within the Haiti government.

May be if they hear from a Haitian like you, they might be prompted to act on it. Or at best if I can get a form of authority from the Haiti government, then I can approach NNPC officially backed with such an authority.

Best regards.

Charles C Ihejirika

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