Keep living in your fantasy world by trying so hard to wear...

Tiba - May 19 2010, 8:32 AM

Keep living in your fantasy world by trying so hard to wear the crown of "positiveness, optimism, determination." Good luck with your bonified mentality of seeing the glass "half full."

You and Bernadette are 2 people, so far, showing your level of naivity and disconnection from reality for refusing to acknowledge the deep isolation and alienation world of the Haitian government.

Try to get it through your heads, the Haitian government doesn't give a rat *ss about your good intention because they don't care.

Ask yourselves why is it much easier to make contact with the Nigerian government, The White House, The Vatican, The Queen of England's office, and many other world leaders' offices, but it is so impossible to make contact with the Haitian government?

Could it be possible there isn't a government Haiti?

But the true of the matter is, the Haitian government just doesn't care about anything whatsoever.

The government doesn't care about its people and they definitely doesn't give a rat *ss about the Haitian people.

One of the missions of embassies throughout the world is to relay information to their governments and coordinate meetings between foreigners and their governments when it deems necessary, am I correct?

But you said before that you were told by the Haitian embassy personnel in Washington that they did not have Preval's (the president) telephone number.

Did they need to tell you more?

Sometimes it doesn't hurt to do some critical thinking about certain things, but I guess you guys want to be heros.

Good luck!

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