My dear friend, I do understand how you feel about the way the...

Charles C Ihejirika - May 20 2010, 2:23 AM

My dear friend,
I do understand how you feel about the way the Haiti governemnt is handling issues presently.

I also do appreciate that the devastating earthquake must have created some unforeseen challanges.

Do you remeber how the US governement was caught off-guard and were unable to tackle the Hurricane Catrina challanges.

This could happen to even the most organised countries in the world.

That things are not substantialy ok now does not mean that people should not make efforts towards possitive changes.

I don't know about Bernadette but I realy don't care about a hero's sataus.

I am just an optimistic person.

I just hope you will understand.

Best regards.

Charles C Ihejirika

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