I believe when the word "Bourgeois" was mentioned. the people...

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I believe when the word "Bourgeois" was mentioned.

the people were referring to exactly the group you are referring to. A group of people who had given their souls and everything they had to protect Haiti.

Most of them are gone to foreign land but their souls are with Haiti still.

These people should go back to Haiti to help. Haitians should make an international plea for ALL of them to come back to create or find a solution to Haiti's problems.

I realized you people think that Haiti is beyond hope and repair.

Some of us do have hope still.

We need to gather our strength and our expertise to help Haiti.


Bernadette S, May 20 2010, 8:53 PM


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Mena Moreau, 18-May-10 1:36 pm
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Antonioj, 18-May-10 3:02 pm
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Linda, 20-May-10 5:33 pm
I believe when the word "Bourgeois" was mentioned. the people were referring to exactly the group you are referring... read more >
Bernadette S, 20-May-10 8:53 pm
Bernadette, Je te comprends parfaitement bien. Je pense mes amis pensent pareil. Il faut absolument que Haiti retrouve... read more >
Marie Janty, 20-May-10 9:31 pm
Again, the problem with your argument is that you are new to the struggle. Those of us who think the situation is... read more >
Linda, 21-May-10 6:45 am
Bernadette, I have blogged with Robert for nearly three years now, and if he used the word "bourgeois" in a particular... read more >
Linda, 21-May-10 6:58 am
Oui Linda, Je ne parle pas de n'importe quel pays, mais d'Haiti. A l'heure actuelle, si l'on place un vrai "bourgeois... read more >
Robert Patrick Toussaint, 21-May-10 3:13 pm
The term "Haiti's reconstruction" has been flowing around a lot, and I keep asking myself constantly the same question... read more >
Tiba, 21-May-10 4:39 pm
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