Hi Bernadette, Linda here; I like the way you responded to my...

Linda - May 23 2010, 2:42 PM

Hi Bernadette, Linda here;

I like the way you responded to my post. Your observations were objective and carefully thought out--although somewhat naive.

I say naive not to inflict discomfort on you, but because I think that you genuinly want to help our nation, but that you need to really, really, think about what steps to take to do that.

I'll show you what I mean by naive:

You said - "For instance, the complete "dechoukage" of Haiti's government elected and non-elected officials.

You said - Haiti needs "A new prime minister and a new president...Someone, perhaps more in the know of how the world functions"

Take a good look at what you suggested and, before you read my comments about your suggestions, see if you can spot the problem with them.

Linda's comment - The first problem with a "dechoukage" is that, in a country that has suffered from so much violence, the last thing it needs is more of it. Preval and his swines do need to go, but they must be allowed to finish their legal term in office.

The second problem with the suggestion you made is that, indeed, Haiti does need new intelligent people to govern, but think about it; who is in Haiti to choose this new government.

Who are the people in Haiti voting?

They are the same people who gave us Aristide and Preval.

The bulk of Haitians who have any real knowledge of what's involve in politics are living in foreign territories and can't vote because there's no dual citizenship in Haiti.

The majority of Haitians who are now voting in Haiti barely know how to read and write.

How do you expect them to understand the difference between a low-level swine like Preval, who never finished any of the three colleges he started, and someone who is actually learned enough to run a country.

If it is only these people who vote, we will just get another gutter rat for president, and that gutter rat will do what the others before him did; he will hire the least competent people for his government, because he will not stand to feel inferior to anyone working for him.

This is just one of the flaws in your suggestions for Haiti.

If you can find a way to alter these facts let me know. I don't have time to show you some of the other weak points in your wishes for Haiti; however, I also don't want to discourage you. I just want you to think in realistic ways about what we do next.

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