The Naked Truth my friend is that I am far more aware of Haiti...

Frank Young Iii - May 23 2010, 4:03 PM

The Naked Truth my friend is that I am far more aware of Haiti and its issues than you could ever imagine.

I know of all the issues you just discussed plus so many more. Naive has never been a word used to discribe me. You see, once I open my mouth to discuss anything, I have alread done a montage of research.

Not only does research give answers but living in the country and doing business there has made me extremely aware of Haiti and all of its many problems.

I do love Haiti and its people but there need to be a solution and not so much dialogue.

The people of Haiti that have left and are living abroad need to stop all this "jaw jacking" on the radio stations and get off their asses and go and help the people of their country! Rather than spending all of their time critisizing the people that are born in those countries, look in the mirror and notice all the chaos that is going on behind you and focus on that and leave those individuals that are in their own birth countries alone! Haitians here in the USA are so critical of the African American here til they cant even interract with any others besides themselves (which is so sad).

The white population only looks at them as being a cheap source of labor and nothingelse.The Haitian businesses are only frequented by other Haitians who never want to pay what the merchants are asking for their goods and services.

So, I suggest that Haitian get focused on their own home and stop causing the continual division of the black races here in the USA. i would love to see a day where Haiti lives up to its name as the first black country in the caribbean to take its independence from its oppressors but until the "deospara" gets off their asses and stop just sending money and send skills, labor and know how, I cant see it happening for at least another several hundred years.

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