Scientists Craig Venter has created the world's first synthetic life form

Science News - May 23 2010, 4:40 PM

Scientist Craig Venter and his team have created life from scratches.This invention might have some far reaching implications for mankind in a positive and negative fashion.

Potential positive implications are:
1-We might be able to live for ever. If we are in our 70,80,90 we might turn back the clock to our 20's.
2-We might be able to become infinitely smarter.

3-We might be able to go to a factory that manufacture living things and place an order to make a wife for us with the parameters we want such as: We may tell the genetic engineer what her index of obedience and intelligence should be. We might be able to decide what her, weight, size shape and even her callipygian should be. Instead of waiting for at least 20 years to have a wife we might get one in about 2 hours brand new from the factory.

4-Physical and mental disabilities will no longer exist because they will be able to correct them.
5-Discrimination will no longer exist since you will be able to change your physical characteristics ie a black man or woman might become white overnight and vice versa.

6-Mankind will put gods and religions in the Museum of Humanity.

War of religion will become a thing of the past.
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On the negative side:
A- During the initial stage of this science we are acting like the Sorcerer's Apprentic, we might cause environmental havoc that we are unable to stop.Thereby, we might destroy ourselves.

B- We might use it to exterminate other people without leaving a trace or signature.

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