Cyber Chimere, I notice that you like to threaten people on...

Linda - May 26 2010, 1:45 PM

Cyber Chimere, I notice that you like to threaten people on this blog. U stupidly use various names and think that people can't tell that it's the same blogger doing it each time. Your actual delusion is that you think people actually take your threats seriously.

I believe in freedom of expression so, I feel you have every right to say whatever the heck you want.

However, I have a suggestion for u, and if you follow it to the letter, you will find great happiness.

So, here we go:
step 1. go get a chair

step 2. get some rope. Hey, choose that rope carefully;it needs to be strong and reliable.

Now make a nice pretty head fitting noose at one end of that rope.

step 3. find a room with a beam or a tall tree. Oh! wait, don't forget to make sure that that tree has some very solid branches.

step 4. now, I don't think anyone will miss you, but you can fool yourself into thinking people will by going around and hugging everyone.

Do that, than go back to that tree or the room you chose.

step 5. now throw that rope around the tree or the beam, whichever one you chose, an tie it tight.

SERIOUSLY NOW, TIE THAT ROPE REEEEALY TIGHT! We wouldn't want anything to go wrong.

step 6. put the chair under the rope, climb on it, and put that nice noose around your neck. Make sure it's nice and snug.


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