Thank you for your message. I fully agree that we have a lot...

Stanley Lucas - June 9 2010, 1:59 PM

Thank you for your message.

I fully agree that we have a lot to learn from other countries.

And, my example of China is not far off the mark. They are a developing country and a sovereign country.

They have done many things better than Haiti and some things worse (such as embracing democracy).

But I think that you've missed my point.

This is not about nationalism, it is about respecting a country's right to determine its destiny.

You are confusing the corrupt chimeres that have been in power with competent Haitians -- and there are many. A good majority of them, however, do not live in Haiti.

They have been driven out by a greedy, violent and corrupt regime.

There are many Haitians that are fully capable and qualified to determine our country's destiny.

And we owe that to the founders of our country who fought so hard for our freedom.

I've said this before: I'm not willing to sell Haiti short just because we've fallen on hard times.

This is an opportunity to reach out to the Haitians who have been marginalized and rebuild our country into what we know it can be.

Stanley Lucas

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