Lakou lakay, Tiba, TIBO got you. I know who YOU are, nothing...

Antonioj - June 12 2010, 9:47 AM

Lakou lakay, Tiba, TIBO got you. I know who YOU are, nothing but a lonely coward.

I see where you are not sufficiently mentally evolved to ponder any meaningful conversation, so instead, you have chosen to snipe away, using different aliases.

I do not know everything just enough to realize that you are a MORON.

I just know more than you. simple as that. One day, when you GROW UP, and you have done what I have done, and seen what I have seen, and met the people I have met, maybe you will know more than I.

When your life experiences put you in a variety of circumstances, of varying types, then your storehouse of knowledge expands.

right now, you are nothing more than some SNOT NOSED adolescent with a bad attitude.

WHO know squat.

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Mr. Antonio J, Go get treatment far your current...


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