It is not clear what is so complicated here. Stanley Lucas is...

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It is not clear what is so complicated here. Stanley Lucas is a politician, he is doing what politicians do best: bashing the opponent(s).

What is not so clear is why he is committing political suicide by alluding to as why the Haitian Government is not in charge of the foreign Aid funds?

It should be very clear to anybody with "half a brain" that money should could would NOT go to the Haitian Government to handle due to past history with mishandling foreign Aid money.

American Government is no stranger to corruption and foreign aid funds in the third world.

They know exactly what is going or went on. Money is given to the third world by industrialized nations under "Foreign Aid" knowing very well what happened to the money.

Industrialized nations are willing to look the other way for as long as the third world countries keep their people in check...

Mr. Lucas did have a point though by wanting Haitians to PARTICIPATE in the reconstruction effort of Haiti.


Personally, I think first thing first.

Haiti should have been cleared, cleaned up the affected areas, evacuate the people to neighboring areas.

New shelters and financial arrangements should have been made so the new comers would not have been a burden to the host areas.

Food and bottled water should have been readily available.

Yes, It is true, we are talking about donation funds.

Haiti did not "earned" that money.

Industrialized countries do have a moral obligation to help...and we do not have to be that submissive.

You know, this is exactly what William J. Clinton was talking about.

Help these people help themselves.

Do not just give to them but help them become self-sufficient.

How can you learn how to drive, if someone is always on the driver's seat?

Haitian Government should not have the donation funds.

However, Haitians should be in charge or at least side by side with others to make that reconstruction effort a lasting reality.

If Haiti is or will embrace democracy, we have to think democratically.

Bernadette S, June 12 2010, 10:22 PM

Topic: Interim Reconstruction:Strengthening or Undermining Haiti? by Stanley Lucas

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