Lakou you sure disgusting, hmm hmm why do I get the feeling...

Antonioj - June 13 2010, 7:47 AM

Lakou you sure disgusting, hmm hmm why do I get the feeling that your response is tinged with sarcasm?

Because I know you well, and you are retarded.

Besides, "geran lakou" your silly little grade school ploy, of giving me a negative, and yourself a positive one, has really become tiresome and stupid.

You should try to get an education sometimes.

It's not as bad as it is reported to be, so do not fear it so strenuously.

(you have nothing to fear but fear itself)

I do not expect you to gift me with your positiive checkmarks.

I write for educated people, not for demented, half wit, imbecile, liars like you.

Lol anything positives from you should be deemed as negatives when you are the source..

Illiteracy is your friend, so bring the noise, and your nonsense remarks, I will be waiting for you and your medieval gang of inept sociopaths.

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