It's a darn shame that you guys show no restraint in your...

Bernard Valcourt - June 13 2010, 5:40 PM

It's a darn shame that you guys show no restraint in your mindless behavior.

May I caution youm however that some of the pictures of personalities that you upload for your own show-off pleasures, may be classified and unlike this uncensored haitian site, one day the NSA may go after you guys for security breach.

I can't believe you "retard' think of nothing flaunting the picture of an NSA official or private pictures taken with Afghans officials while on "non-public" missions there,

That's it I don't want to associate with some "Papa Doc" wannabes" Don't bother reply, instead, I say concentrate on your remedial quizzes you surely must be taking this summer or your next english as second language proficiency exam-you morons.

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Lakou you sure disgusting, hmm hmm why do I get the...


Stanley Lucas se tioul 1 Amerikins

Stanley we know how many you have killed for the US in Iraq,Afghanistan etc.. What we don't know is how many Haitian...

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Hey little imbecile, You have a macoutic tendency...

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