Kakadiab says: RE: PAS DE DECHOUKAGE Tiba, Valcourt, Lakou...

Lakou Lakay - June 14 2010, 3:52 PM

kakadiab says: RE: PAS DE DECHOUKAGE
Tiba, Valcourt, Lakou have been exposed as fraud, good riddance these bullshitters are working for Preval and Aristide on the website blog.

Reply from Lakou Lakay: Your above statement reflects the name you have chosen.And, that is what you are.
By the way I will be at Soiree Creole At Sugah Kane Lounge Palm Bay Fl
Thursday, June 17, 2010, 10PM-3AM I will be with some of my Miami police friends.

Don' try anything stupid because I will be well protected.

If you want to talk about Haitian politic or women you will be more than welcome to seat at my table.

You will know who I am. I am not flanboyant.

I keep a low profile.

I talk less and listen more. I will be sitting on the the table with the most women and the most beautiful women.

I am not bragging.

By the way those women have brain beside nice tits and callipygian.

If you don't sound like am academician they might ignore you. Be ready to tell us what you have on your mind about the Haitian politics.

In case you would like to meet me but you don't have the clothing, shoes and the money to attend, call the night club no later than 12 hours before the party and ask to get in touch with Lakou Lakay.

I will make sure that my associate will take you to a clothing store and a shoe store for men and put $ 300 in your pocket.

We will give you money to stop at an 'All you can eat restaurant" to make sure that you don't come to the party with an empty stomac.

So nothing could stop you from attending the party as long you promise to behave like a human being.

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Tiba,Valcourt,Lakou have been exposed as fraud, good...



Messieurs, Mesdames, Il n'y aura pas de DECHOUKAGE du président René Préval. Cette facon d'opérer...

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