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Lakou Lakay - June 14 2010, 5:09 PM

antonioj says: RE: Stanley Lucas Se Tioul 1 Amerikins
another glorious non sequitur from lakou.

"Antonio-j, you said that "I write for educated people, not for demented, half wit, imbecile, liars like you." Who are those educated people?

If you equated rappers as educated, I will not continue to argue with you because you are using their languages i.".

Says Antonioj.

I have now concluded that it is beyond my dignity to reply to some of your idiocies.

I am declaring you certifiably insane.

My only worry is that you post some of these things just for laughs.

You could not really be serious with some of this crap..

I enjoy refuting your silly assertion, principally because you are so ignorant and stupid, secondly you are annoying.

I found it to be very burdensome to get through your thick and dense skull, any basic elementary concept of literacy.

Now all the sudden you claiming to have visited the high halls of academia.You have no shame Mister Lakou anyone in the forum can judge your lack of educational achievement, since you display extreme difficulty composing a sentence free of gibberish, that is aside of your poor vocabulary and writing skills.

One would wonder if you ever graduated high school.

As far as unraveling the 2**gravamen of the rest of your posting, rest assured I will not defer to you, because you are just an opinionated egoistic, self serving, pseudo intellectual, guess what?

anyone can be an expert at that game. You just need to know how to cut and paste in a PC nothing much.

Reply of Lakou Lakay: They say Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery.

As I noticed you tend to emulate me as a writer but your spelling and your fund of vocabulary are so inadequate that preclude you from imitating my writing.


They say ignorance is blessed.

To be honest with you, I know that you are blessing with ignorance as an ignoramus.

I was laughing when you mentioned the word pseudo intellectual.

I used this word on this blog before you even know its meaning.

You even said that you having difficulties understanding what I wrote.

I thanks you for you naive confession because you tries to say that I used words that are above your literacy level.

I use small words that express sophisticated concepts.

You call them big words because you do not understand them. You continue to use a string of words to express negligible thing.

Listen I don't want to confuse you more on this subject.

Continue to read my blog. I am your master and teacher in language.

I will not charge you any money since you are a public assistance recipient.

In fact if you are short of monies before your welfare check arrive, let me know by publishing a pay phone number on Preval blog since you don't have a phone, I will send you $ 20 by Western Union.

I promise you that I will continue to improve your language skills*.

Go to a book store buy the Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and a Thesaurus Dictionary.

I know that you are receiving public assistance don't buy a cheap dictionary that cost $.99 cts at the .99 cts stores.

I said language skills because you failed to master the Haitian language; you failed to master the French language; you don't "pick English" too well. You don't "espikin espanich" either.

Keep reading my blog and consult the words you don't understand in a dictionary.

Correction that I made for your writing:
1** fragment- 2-**gravamen=no such word in the English language-

By the way: Preval will need a gerant lacou starting mid Februaru 2011.
You only meet one criteria for the job because you have a banana frillo so you won't be a threat to his wife.
Criteria you did not met: 1- You are too old. 2- You are not trustworthy because you are his avowed enemy.

3- You have a language deficit.

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another glorious non sequitur from lakou "Antonio-j...


Stanley Lucas se tioul 1 Amerikins

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