Carmelite it s so amazing, i m on my ass now!!!! a fake on...

Lili - June 21 2010, 7:26 AM

carmelite it s so amazing, i m on my ass now!!!! a fake on rene preval s blog, dont you think you could go play to sand castle anywhere else?

for your knowledge i m french, but i also know that fortunately there where people like toussaint louverture, or dany la ferriere, or jean metellus, or some music band like carimi or djakout mizik, and furthermore there are haitian people who all make the richness of their country.also i think you d better come to france, even if we have a rich country, to understand our own situation is less good at the heart and the human level than what rene preval purpose.

maybe you have take too cocaine i think, or maybe you should go in haiti to understand how silly you are, even if i think that you will never understand you re silly.

in france, for your knowledge again, we say "imbecile" to describe people (?) like you. unfortunately there are also people like you who make the poverty of heart of their own countries


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