Kakadiab, why most of Viagra users like you including have a...

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kakadiab, why most of Viagra users like you including have a morbid fears of Tiba. Are you jealous of his Anti Ballistic Missile- ABM?

You have to blame your mothers, sisters and wives.

Put hidden cameras in their panties.

In case the cameras failed to produces the real or imaginary evidence anticipated you may try the following services even-though Tiba used to work for them.Thus, he knows the steps to avoid detection but you never know mistake happens.

That your last hope of catching him if he made a mistake.

This is a kind of Pandora box--hope.


Marie Joseph, June 23 2010, 6:45 PM

Topic: Rene Preval: The Uncontestable Record of Achievements

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I am sorry for my past harsh comments about Preval due to the fact I did not know the man well. I was amazed to read... read more >
Antonioj, 23-Jun-10 4:29 pm
Zo Devan, I let my dog take a pick at your piece, and he (the dog) started laughing so hard that he pissed on the... read more >
Tiba, 23-Jun-10 4:44 pm
Tiba you are so dumbed that you could understand his achievement records. You voted twice to become president and you... read more >
Tizo, 23-Jun-10 5:01 pm
Question? excuse me Question? Does Tiba own a dog? They say that he is so poor that he manages to steal dog food. He... read more >
Fangol Joseph, 23-Jun-10 5:42 pm
Tiba the anaconda owner This guy Tiba approached me during a party at Tabou Combo during the 80's. He is a smooth... read more >
Marie Joseph, 23-Jun-10 6:08 pm
Tiba aka caca chien he's a certified Preval follower, losers hang out with losers read more >
Kakadiab, 23-Jun-10 6:14 pm
This sound too good to be true. Give me Tiba address. I want to meet him. read more >
Joceline B, 23-Jun-10 6:20 pm
Joceline, are you one of Antonioj daughters? sang sal,malpropre. If Antonioj find out about your wish to meet Tiba for... read more >
Marcel, 23-Jun-10 6:27 pm
Tizo, Lol, lol, you're right! Tizo, my dog and I are on welfare and perhaps we will always be on welfare for life... read more >
Tiba, 23-Jun-10 6:42 pm
kakadiab,why most of Viagra users like you including have a morbid fears of Tiba. Are you jealous of his Anti... read more >
Marie Joseph, 23-Jun-10 6:45 pm
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