what's happenning on the border to Santo Domingo

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Why is the dominicans have the power to block access to Haiti and his citizen after a certain time of the day. Should they be able to stop access to Haiti or haitian going to haiti.

It should not be this way. They should only be able to affect their own side of the island and their citizen.

Can the leaders in Haiti and especially you, President Preval do something about it. The gates gates should be open at any time to give access to Haiti and Haitian citizen or other unless restricted by the Haitian authorities only not by the Dominicans.

Acessing the Dominican Repubplic is what should be controlled by the Dominicans.

This is an attempt to Haitian and Haiti fundamental freedom to Exercise country'S basic Right.

How much longer, Mr President are you going to wait to diplomatically get with the Dominican authorities to fix the Problem or we just have to consider Haiti as The Dominican dominion.

Johny Mathurin, June 30 2010, 3:03 AM

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