President Preval does not want democracy in Haiti. Instead, he...

Jean Robert Pierre Louis - July 1 2010, 2:25 PM

President Preval does not want democracy in Haiti.

Instead, he wants to install a dictatorship regime where he and his team will continue to rule and confuse public wealth with their private wealth like they have done during their term. I think it is really sad for Haitian people specially those who have lived in camp for more than five (5) months where sun and rain rises and falls on them every day. This government team does not have humanity and pity for nobody except for themselves and their families.

President Preval and his team have made so many arbitrary actions against the Haitian people that, today, they are afraid of free, inclusive, and democratic elections.

All they want is antidemocratic elections in other to keep the power and continue to put at stake lives of thousands even millions of Haitian people.

If the international community wants to do something for Haiti, I urge them to find a humanitarian way to do so as soon as possible because those people in the camp cannot continue to suffer more because of the incompetency of those irresponsible leaders.

What is more important now is that our exterior friends must urge the actual team to hold inclusive elections in Haiti, not exclusive one like they want to do. If not this team is going to plunge the country in a real political turbulence.

In Democracy no one can be excluded from participating in a process electoral.

I hope that the international community understands that it cannot use taxpayers' money to finance antidemocratic elections.

After some important political organizations had excluded in the competitions of April 19, 2009, the answer from the population was simple and clear: "We do not want exclusive elections, we want inclusive elections".

Today, president Preval Who won the 2006 presidential contests with a large percentage of votes does not have other alternative than organize fraudulent elections in Haiti.

If President Preval insists in doing those elections without considering the political class demands, it is going to be a political chaos for him and his team as have predicted many experts in the world.


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