Tiba you inadvertently include the letter 'C" among the...

Dr. Feel Bad - July 3 2010, 3:53 AM

Tiba you inadvertently include the letter 'C" among the letters the Haitian language does not use. I am pretty sure that it was a typo from you. Since you failed to catch up with it, I am listing a partial list of the word that start with a "C" in the Ayityen language.

I am doing some research on the Ayityen language.

I will publish it within two or three weeks.

chabon, chachacha,chadek, chagren,chaj, chak,charlatan, chale, chalimo, cham,chaman, chamo,chan mayetik, chanday,chanje, chanjman,chanm, chanpay,chans, chante,chantey, chanpantye,chape, chanpel,chapit, chaple,chapo, chase,chasi, chat,chatiman, chato,chatwouj, chawa,chay, che,cheche, chef,chefseksyon, chefdeta,chek, cheke,chemen, chemine,chemiz, chemizet,chen, cheni,chenn, chenpanze,cheri, cherif,cheve,,chevret, chevwon,chez, chif,chik, chike,chiklet, chimerik,chimi, chin,chinwa, chita,cho, chodye,chofay, chofe,chofi, chok,chokola,,chomaj, chome,choson, chou,choublak, choukoun,,chovsouri, choupet,cheri, chwa,chwal, chwazi,chyen, coco,

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