Not to the point. Diaspora means people who are living AWAY...

Virgil Vericain - July 8 2010, 8:16 PM

not to the point.

Diaspora means people who are living AWAY from their homeland.

I am glad you brought that up though.

Diaspora, who ever they are, Jews, Hispanics, orientals, Haitians, should have a specific manner of which to reach one another.

They should have a very specific social network and a very specific way to alter political changes from their homeland.They should be united and have a very specific voice to reach everyone.

The Jews have a very good model of what a diaspora should be like.
This very specific medium,
"Rene Preval Blog" is a good start on how to reach people.

I understand a lot of people are not happy about the LEVEL of communication here, yes, there is room for improvement.

Believe or not, this medium is a true beginning on democracy:People who can freely say whatever they want without sanction (to a certain point)
Please, encourage them NOT to use profanity.

This is a beginning to END cookie cutter thinking.

THAT'S DEMOCRACY in a nutshell.

Individuality IS democracy.

If anything positive comes out of this blog, this will be it: Voicing your unique opinion like you owned it.


Diaspora means a people dispersed without a nation

To all the P/B. Diaspora means that a people that was scattered to other nations and does not have its own homeland or...

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