Most Haitians People Do Not Listen To Own Haitians, but Foreign People

Jean Pe - July 12 2010, 2:03 PM

That's right! Haitians do not listen to Haitian Author, Jean Pe, because Jean Pe looks like themselves and from Haiti.

Whereas, Jean Pe got the true and y'all don't listen to him on his blog at

That's true, y'all always waiting and trusting on other people simply because of their nationalities or race differential in order for y'all to listen and believe.

If you go to most Haitian sites, they barely have activities from the Haitian people, but if you go to many different nationalities websites social networking, full of Haitian using them.

If only they do, they would not be in that condition they are now. Asta la viata.

See y'all on my blogs now if you need to set free at

Many time in life, words that we hear, consume, believe and live bay everyday, do more good or bad to us than how much money we can have. " Haitian Author, Jean Pe

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